[Biturbos4] Farewell S4

David Bray brayd at rogers.com
Sun Oct 3 08:24:02 EDT 2004

Hey Keman!

Thanks for the detailed update and ALL your contributions throughout the
past.  It's been a pleasure to "know" you on this list ... I'm sure I speak
for others when I say you'll be sorely missed.

Of course, I would be grateful if you continued to keep one eye on the
BiTurboS4 list from time to time.  For example, I'm still looking for those
cold fuel maps to cure the cold stumbling in my S4.

Thanks again, and take care.

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> See-ya guys.... make sure to laugh at me this winter as I creep on by!
> Keman
> 04 Lightning
> 90 Mustang
> Both Vermillion Red

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