[Biturbos4] S4 Winter Tires/Rims - Local Pickup Only

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Mon Oct 4 00:30:34 EDT 2004

FS: 5 Miglia 1000 16" aluminum rims, one of the few 16" rims that clear the
Biturbo S4 brakes.

On them are 4 Michelin Pilot Alpin 255/50/16 tires and one Goodyear GSC?
Some standard.tire that makes a good fullsize spare. Put what you want on
that rim.

The Pilot Alpins have 1 season on them, and since it was almost 100% snow
there is virtually no wear on the tread. More than 12/32" tread remaining.
These are high speed V rated snow tires. They compromise ice performance for
high speed stability, as such they do REALLY well in the snow but not as
well as a spongy set of Blizzak ice tires. I averaged 60-70mph through 6-8"
of unplowed snow all the way from Toronto, Canada to west of Detroit,
Michigan and the control these tires grant at that speed is amazing.

The rims are mostly scratch free. I think one was curbed very lightly but
otherwise they're in great shape.

First $350 gets the set of 5 rims and the tires on em. Local pick up only,
I'm not yet interested in shipping them. This price is a STEAL because my
cost on those tires is $163 each and that's what my dealership pays. :P They
are rather expensive for snow tires, and that's if you can even FIND the
V-Rated ones. They're l33t. :P

Included will be 20 lug bolts that fit these rims correctly.

Brighton, Michigan.

2004 SVT Lightning
1990 Mustang 5.8 GR40
Both Vermillion Red

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