[Biturbos4] Farewell S4

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Wed Oct 6 20:08:02 EDT 2004

Well it's ok. I'm not going anywhere .. I'll hang out on this list so I can
point and laugh^H^H^H^H^H offer constructive suggestions... :)

The snow tires sold already btw ... sorry for those who contacted me too
late. There was a typo btw .. they were 205/50/16's, not 255/50/16's .. lol.

Speaking of which.. I'm glad I just wrote this.. it reminded me I've got to
take the lug bolts that I /did/ remember to stuff in the lightning over to
the poor schmuck^H^H^H^Hlucky guy who got my old snow tires. just kidding
Frank, those snows are like new. I'm on my way!

I've had opportunity to sample a bunch more 1.8T and 2.7T's that had
synthetic oil vs. dino oil. Every single one that had dino oil, the oil fill
cap was grungy and caked with crap even with just 35k miles. Every single
one that had synthetic oil was clean and the metal down the hole was also
sparkling clean. Not caked with brown. So if that isn't proof that synthetic
will create less wear and tear, it can at least be a good indicator of what
the prior owner ran in the engine if you're not the original owner.

And yes, at 96k miles mine was still sparkling clean and amazingly enough..
had no oil leaks anywhere. 3-5k mile oil changes with synthetic does a whole
hell of a lot more than cut down on wear it seems. It also prolongs the life
of seals and gaskets.

2004 SVT Lightning
1990 Mustang 5.8 GR40
Both Vermillion Red

Philip Pace wrote:
>> Well, crap. We're really gonna miss you around here (or are you
>> sticking around to set us straight on everything?). Thanks for all
>> your help and input over the years, even if I never got around to
>> finishing that turbo timer crap. Don't be a stranger, and I'll look
>> you up next time I'm headed to Detroit.
>> Cheers,
>> Phil

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