[Biturbos4] S4 spark plugs

Grant gfl1 at optonline.net
Sun Oct 17 14:45:25 EDT 2004

Hello Old friends (and new):

I've been "off" this list for a couple of years, having bought a new 
2000 S4.  but now that new S4 is coming on 5 years old, and I'm in need 
of wisdom.. Maybe I'll be able to share some as well, if you don't hold 
me to very high standards.

That said ...

I have ~69k on my 2000 S4.  I just bought the following to do some 
routine maintenance, and ran into a few snags:

- plugs
- fuel filter
- Air filter
- cabin filter

The big problem seems to be the plugs.  Yep, I cant change spark plugs!

I've had several of them out, so i have most of the process down, but 
the front two plugs have some kind of rubber line going right over the 
top of the coil-pack.  It terminates with crimp-on hose clamps to metal 
tubes at each end, so it cant be easily moved out of the way (I tried). 
  I guess my basic question is:

- what is this? (fuel?)
- how do i (re) move it?
- what are the pitfalls?

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