[Biturbos4] its time for the large upgrade

Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Thu Oct 21 17:58:12 EDT 2004

Do a search on the B5-S4 forum on AW, tons of info there.  But in short, if you want reliability over all out power, you can do a so-called "Stage 3-", it basically consists of K04's running on K03 chipped program.  You'll need a bigger exhaust (and possibly downpipes) to help the bigger K04's breath better.  This setup up should make more power than K03's running on K03 software.

Later on if you feel the need to take full advantage of the K04 turbos (and have the fund to do it), you can then add the necessary fueling stuff (injectors, fuel pressure regulator... and K04 software of course), and you'll be getting 380+ hp at the crank easily.

You will pay more for Stage 3 "packages" from tuners, and people are now starting to piece their own stage 3 together for much cheaper prices.  If you feel more comfortable with buying a package, then look for AWE-tuning (GIAC software), APR, AMS (Acutuning and a few others sell them) and MTM ($$$)

Do a search for shortshifter also, there're more than a few options out there.  I personally think it's overrated on the S4.  I had a ToyGuy SS for 9 months and just swapped it back for the OE shifter.  IMHO, and SS can only make the already clunky and notchy S4 box even notchier and heavier to move the lever.  At least the stock shifter is fairly light and I can now shift faster with the stock than with the TG SS.  I never slam into gears btw.


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From: daniel chisholm <dbc112 at yahoo.com>
Date: Tuesday, October 19, 2004 2:43 pm
Subject: [Biturbos4] its time for the large upgrade

> Well,
> I cant bring myself to leave the S4... My lease expires Dec 11th 
> and I have decided to purchase the vehicle!
> I have decided to take the funds dedicated to my next purchase and 
> upgrade the SH!@ out of my S4.. 
> Have about 7k total installed.. 
> What should I get? K04 upgrade?  Remember I really need 
> reliability to be a factor.. Any upgrades that will ensure this 
> can also be considered.. 
> Short shifter?  Any packages available? Some many people offer the 
> Stage 3 etc.. I have no clue where to start.. 
> Any suggestions are appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Dan 
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