[Biturbos4] Re; new S4 & RL

Grant gfl1 at optonline.net
Thu Oct 21 20:05:48 EDT 2004

Hmm - I was not enamoured of the $53k price (as optioned), the harder 
ride (I like the clark kent feel of the biTurbo S4).  I loved the 
engine, the real recaro's, and the shorter shifter.

But I decided to keep to '00 and get a wagon too.  So if anyone knows 
of a fairly priced, nice "semi sporty" wagon with AWD and lots of space 
(e.g.: A6/AllRoad size), in the NY/NJ area - let me know!.


ps: thanks to all who helped with the spark plug fiasco.  I think I can 
manage it now.
pps; to whoever thought the air filter was tough on the S4 - it looks 
easy (famous last words?)

> Aurangzeb M. Agha writes:
>> I'm curious to hear some feedback on thoughts about the RL.  Next 
>> year, I
>> may either sell or trade my '01 S4 (when she's 5 years old) and I 
>> want to
>> move to a 4-wheel drive.  I'm not enamored by the new S4's, so the RL 
>> may
>> be an option.
> What is it about the new S4 that you're not enamored by?  It seems to 
> be a
> logical upgrade to the S4 biturbo.  I haven't yet driven one, but 
> everyone
> is singing praises about the improved chassis and handling, braking, 
> shift
> feel, and that lovely V8.
> -Ti
> -- 
> Ti Kan
> http://www.amb.org/ti

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