[Biturbos4] Continental Warranty and worn tie rods.

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Wed Sep 1 16:03:42 EDT 2004

Lance Fisher writes:
> ...
> So far I'm pretty dissatisfied with the policy after two attempted 
> claims.  In the fine print it says that they will only reimburse for 
> labor at a rate that THEY determine which is supposed to be a "national" 
> average and that rate is almost exactly half of what the Audi shop 
> charges.  Never mind that there isn't a shop in this state that can work 
> on Audis that charges the "national" average.  So on my first claim (bad 
> rear wheel bearing), with the $100 per claim deductible they paid a 
> little less than half the bill.
> ...

I am on the lookout for extended warranty because my factory warranty
runs out in November.  I know that TStifler said that he purchased
a policy from AutoWarrantyBroker.com in a posting some months ago.
Are you still on this list?  If so have you made any claims and
what is your experience with them?

Other please also share your good/bad experiences with your extended
warranty plans.


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