[Biturbos4] extended warranty

John M. Harrison johnmh at uwyo.edu
Wed Sep 1 17:32:11 EDT 2004

My dealer suggested purchasing extended coverage through them that would 
be essentially an extension of the factory warranty provisions, if I 
understood correctly.  I'll ask about the details.  I'll probably hit 4 
years before the car has 50k miles on it.  4 years of ownership will 
occur in July of next year for me.  Anyone else have details on an 
extended factory warranty through AOA?  Seems like this would be the 
most desirable if the cost is reasonable,  if you're satisfied with the 
service you've had from AOA dealers, and if you aren't in a position to 
"self-insure".  I'll try to get more info on this from Ed Carroll Motors 
in Fort Collins, Colorado.  I think they've been good to me, although I 
haven't had any major issues to this point.  Personally, I'd be 
reluctant to purchase extended coverage from anyone but AOA.  I've 
received a bunch of solicitations for over the last few months, but 
haven't checked any of them out.  Insurance is barely regulated in 
Wyoming, so many fly-by night skam companies operate here and many are 
even based here since it's one of the few states that will incorporate 
them.  Be careful out there, fellow S4 pilots.  Cheers.

John M. Harrison  2001.5 S4 Avant 6 spd loaded, stock, 33k miles, March 
2001 build date, purchased new July 2001

Ti Kan wrote:

>Lance Fisher writes:
>>So far I'm pretty dissatisfied with the policy after two attempted 
>>claims.  In the fine print it says that they will only reimburse for 
>>labor at a rate that THEY determine which is supposed to be a "national" 
>>average and that rate is almost exactly half of what the Audi shop 
>>charges.  Never mind that there isn't a shop in this state that can work 
>>on Audis that charges the "national" average.  So on my first claim (bad 
>>rear wheel bearing), with the $100 per claim deductible they paid a 
>>little less than half the bill.
>I am on the lookout for extended warranty because my factory warranty
>runs out in November.  I know that TStifler said that he purchased
>a policy from AutoWarrantyBroker.com in a posting some months ago.
>Are you still on this list?  If so have you made any claims and
>what is your experience with them?
>Other please also share your good/bad experiences with your extended
>warranty plans.

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