[Biturbos4] Continental Warranty and worn tie rods.

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I've told this story before, but I purchased an extended warranty from
Warranty Gold a couple of years ago.  I did my homework and they were highly
rated.  It was their best policy that covered everything except specific
listed items, which I've heard is the safest way to go.  It wasn't until I
tried to make a claim that I found out that their second party reinsurer had
filed for bankruptcy several months earlier and would be processing no
claims.  Fortunately, I had paid for the policy with my Visa card, so I
filed a claim with Visa, was reimbursed 100%, and let Visa take up the
battle.  I would suggest that if you are considering an extended warranty,
pay with your charge card (assuming they will cover a default), and pay in
installments.  I looked into getting different warranty, but eventually
decided to go without.

Bob Stephenson
2000 S4

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Lance Fisher writes:
> ...
> So far I'm pretty dissatisfied with the policy after two attempted 
> claims.  In the fine print it says that they will only reimburse for 
> labor at a rate that THEY determine which is supposed to be a "national" 
> average and that rate is almost exactly half of what the Audi shop 
> charges.  Never mind that there isn't a shop in this state that can work 
> on Audis that charges the "national" average.  So on my first claim (bad 
> rear wheel bearing), with the $100 per claim deductible they paid a 
> little less than half the bill.
> ...

I am on the lookout for extended warranty because my factory warranty
runs out in November.  I know that TStifler said that he purchased
a policy from AutoWarrantyBroker.com in a posting some months ago.
Are you still on this list?  If so have you made any claims and
what is your experience with them?

Other please also share your good/bad experiences with your extended
warranty plans.


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