[Biturbos4] Continental Warranty and worn tie rods.

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Fri Sep 3 19:21:35 EDT 2004

Bob --

Do you have any regrets that you decided to go without?  I'm at 48K on my 
'01 S4, and am mulling the idea of a warranty.  I take good care of the 
car, and so far, there have been no major issues.

I am scared that, like one of the other posters to this thread mentioned, 
my turbos could blow and then I'd have to fork out the $$$.

I looked at the extended warranty plan through AAA's Member Service 


but decided the cost was too much.  One benefit WAS that if you didn't use 
the warranty at all during the life of the warranty, you got all your $ 

Most recently, I've been looking at a warranty by autowarrantybroker.com, 
but am yet to get their full details and commit.

I've also spent quite some time looking at audiworld.com, and have found 
the following helpful links on the topic:

Most helpful:

And then some others:



'01 Silver Audi S4 (stock)

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> I've told this story before, but I purchased an extended warranty from 
> Warranty Gold a couple of years ago.  I did my homework and they were 
> highly rated.  It was their best policy that covered everything except 
> specific listed items, which I've heard is the safest way to go.  It 
> wasn't until I tried to make a claim that I found out that their second 
> party reinsurer had filed for bankruptcy several months earlier and 
> would be processing no claims.  Fortunately, I had paid for the policy 
> with my Visa card, so I filed a claim with Visa, was reimbursed 100%, 
> and let Visa take up the battle.  I would suggest that if you are 
> considering an extended warranty, pay with your charge card (assuming 
> they will cover a default), and pay in installments.  I looked into 
> getting different warranty, but eventually decided to go without.
> Bob Stephenson
> 2000 S4

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