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Mon Sep 6 10:36:48 EDT 2004

Those of you who are now going to rush out and buy some hawk blues and run 
them on the street to resolve any rotor issues may wish to heed a bit of 

Hawk blue brake dust will not cause you any alarm, so long as you remove 
it right away.   If you leave this brake dust on your car/wheels for days 
- especially if it gets wet - it will be extreamly difficult or impossible 
to remove.

Because most street drivers do not maintain the appropriate heat level 
requried for this pad to function optimally, it can be extreamly dusty.  
I've seen the lower half of doors covered in the dust after just a week of 

Again, this brake dust can adhere to paint like epoxy! (if any one has a 
good way to remove it - please let me know!)


On Mon, 6 Sep 2004, Robert Cheng wrote:

> A while back I took my Stoptechs to Road Atlanta but used the Axxis
> Ultimates that came with the kit.  I overheated the pads and the rotor was
> covered with uneven deposits.  I took the rotors off and carried them to a
> brake shop simply to see them spin on their lathe to see if they were
> warped.  On the machine there was a definite warp so I put them on the shelf
> and ordered new rotors.
> [Fast forward a year or so] After reading some posts on Audiworld and after
> many emails back and forth with Stoptech tech support, I reinstalled the
> rotors on the car.  With the car up on 4 jackstands I cranked the car and
> watched the rotor spin and it was steady as a rock.  I was told that the
> only proper way to check for warpage was installed on the car, due to the
> floating carrier.  As recommended by Stoptech I ordered some Hawk Blue pads
> and installed them with my pad-deposited rotors.  After about 50 miles of
> normal driving the old pad material had been worn off and the brakes were as
> smooth as new.  At this point I decided I would have a separate track and
> street setup and one set would go on the shelf with my Pagid Orange pads and
> I ordered new Pagid Blue pads for the street (much quieter but still
> aggressive).
> So yes indeed it was uneven pad deposits on the rotor.  On my 2004 Nissan
> Titan I had a similar problem with the brakes.  Many people were complaining
> of a "brake judder" and the steering wheel and front end would shake when
> the brakes were applied.  Nissan had a TSB out where the rotor was turned to
> remove the old pad material and the pads were changed out to a different
> type.  Bottom line is Nissan originally installed pads that were not of
> sufficient heat capacity to withstand the brake force necessary to stop a
> 5000+ lb vehicle.  Perhaps some of you simply need to try a different and
> possibly more aggressive pad.
> Rob
> '00 S4 6-spd
> '04 Nissan Titan
> '98 VFR800
> '90 HawkGT
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> > I have this same issue on my stock brakes on my '90 CoupeQ, steering 
> > vibrates whenever I hit the brakes at over 50 kph.
> > It's been a few years now, replacing pads and discs only cure it for a 
> > few months, still haven't found the root cause.
> > 
> > On the S4 however, I've read on the AW forum that it's most likely 
> > uneven brake pad and pad desposit on the discs, as the discs 
> > themselves seldom warp.  I think a few folks managed to fix the 
> > problem by doing a proper bedding procedure, basically doing a bunch 
> > of 80-5 mph stops with minimal cooling in between.  Go to Stoptech's 
> > site for a full description of the procedure.
> > 
> > I'll try that on my coupe and see if it helps.
> > 
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