[Biturbos4] stoptech vibration

Robert Cheng rcheng at mindspring.com
Mon Sep 6 11:28:56 EDT 2004

Yes I forgot to mention this fact.  The dust is very bad for your wheels and
paint.  The fact that the pads do not reach optimal temperature is the
reason that they work so well at removing the pad deposits.  When the pads
are "cold" they are very abrasive on the rotor.  Use the pads only long
enough to remove the deposits, then wash your car to remove the dust left


> Those of you who are now going to rush out and buy some hawk 
> blues and run them on the street to resolve any rotor issues 
> may wish to heed a bit of caution.  
> Hawk blue brake dust will not cause you any alarm, so long as 
> you remove 
> it right away.   If you leave this brake dust on your 
> car/wheels for days 
> - especially if it gets wet - it will be extreamly difficult 
> or impossible to remove.
> Because most street drivers do not maintain the appropriate 
> heat level requried for this pad to function optimally, it 
> can be extreamly dusty.  
> I've seen the lower half of doors covered in the dust after 
> just a week of usage.  
> Again, this brake dust can adhere to paint like epoxy! (if 
> any one has a good way to remove it - please let me know!)
> wilson94t

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