[Biturbos4] NAC: A tragedy in Russia

Igor Kessel KBATPO at comcast.net
Mon Sep 6 12:26:14 EDT 2004

Posted with the permission from Dan Simoes.


Dear friends and fellow Audi enthusiasts,

As we all know, an unspeakable tragedy has happened o­n the 1st of September 2004. 
A group of terrorists had taken over 1,000 hostages in a Beslan school, most of 
whom were little children. The terrorists used children as human shields in the 
windows, raped them in the classrooms, deprived of food and water and made them 
drink their own urine. When some of the children tried to flee they were shot in 
the back. The terrorists booby-trapped the school with plastic explosives stuffed 
with steel balls and bolts and eventually detonated them. The death toll is in the 
hundreds. You can see the blood chilling photographs here: 

There is a grass roots fund raising effort going o­n right now, in which I am also 
involved. The Fund's H.Q. is located o­nly 40 minutes away from me.

The Fund was successful in helping the victims of the Moscow theatre hostage 
crisis two years ago. It has non-profit status and the donations are deemed tax 
deductible by the IRS. The Fund's collections and disbursements are transparent to 
the public. What makes them unique is that they make a point of personally going 
to Russia and giving out the monetary help directly to the victims and/or their 
families hence making sure that every penny reaches its intended recipient and not 
some crooked official in the government.

You can find the Fund's official statement in the .html format here:
as well as o­n the Fund's own website in the .pdf format.

You can reach the Fund's website at http://www.moscowhelp.org or by clicking the 
banner which rotates at the top of the www.S-CARS.org pages or in the top of my 
own page if you follow the link below my sig. line.

I would like to ask you to distribute the relevant information in your respective 
organizations in order to give us the desperately needed exposure. Please consider 
placing o­ne of the Fund's banners o­n your site if you run a web site of your own.

Please don't hesitate to ask me directly should you need anything translated from 
Russian into English:  igor at s-cars dot org or KBATPO at comcast dot net

Thank you very much for all the help you may wish to extend. God bless you!

Igor Kessel

Please follow this link to learn how YOU can help the little victims
of the Beslan school tragedy: http://home.comcast.net/~KBATPO/

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