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Chris Newbold chris at newbold.org
Mon Sep 6 23:00:56 EDT 2004

"John M. Harrison" <johnmh at uwyo.edu> writes:

> My dealer suggested purchasing extended coverage through them that
> would be essentially an extension of the factory warranty provisions,
> if I understood correctly.  I'll ask about the details.  I'll probably
> hit 4 years before the car has 50k miles on it.  4 years of ownership
> will occur in July of next year for me.  Anyone else have details on
> an extended factory warranty through AOA?  Seems like this would be

I recently investigated warranty options as my 2001 Avant came off
lease at the end of July and I decided I wanted to keep the car. Based
on hersey on this list and some very negative remarks from the service
department regarding third-party (non-Audi) coverage, I didn't even
consider that option.

I had two choices: 1) buy the car and get Audi's (relatively) new
extended warrante, "Audi Pure", available to owners still within the
original warranty period; or 2) have the dealer buy the car for me and
put it through Audi's certification program and sell it back to me as
a certified, used car.

The "Pure" warranty comes in three flavors, gold, silver and [mumble],
with gold effectively providing the exact same coverage as the
original 4/50k. It took a lot of digging to figure out exactly what was
(and more importantly, what was not) covered under each plan. The
silver level is equivalent to the certified, pre-owned coverage.

The dealer quoted me about $3400-$3600 for silver coverage, for an
additional two years and 50k miles on top of the original (total
6/100k). <choke> <gasp> <wheeze>

Doing the certification dance also yields two more years and 50k
(total 6/100k again) and cost about $1500.

Needless to say, I opted for the certification route. The coverage is
pretty extensive, and has a reasonable $50 deductable per "issue",
which seems to mean that if you experience the same failure again it's
waved. I slogged through a 30+ page print out of all the covered
parts, and the only major omissions are exhaust-related components
like downpipes, catalytic converters, mufflers, etc. No coverage for
normal wear, either, on stuff like brakes, etc.

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