[Biturbos4] Engine Oil ('00 A6 2.7T 6spd)

Yu-tai Chung yxc165 at psu.edu
Wed Sep 8 10:45:04 EDT 2004


It is a relief to hear that. 



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Yes, that's normal. I end up putting in 7 quarts for an oil change in 
both or 2.7T cars ('01 S4, and '02 allroad).

- Bob T.

Yu-tai Chung wrote:

>For ('00 A6 2.7T 6spd) in the manual it says 5 qt 
 but when I put in 5,
>it sit for ½ hour.. and measure it.. it does not register on the dip stick
>at all.. this is my 3rd time changing the oil, and the previous 2 times.. I
>was using close to 7 qt.  is this normal? 
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