[Biturbos4] extended warranty

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Fri Sep 17 04:11:44 EDT 2004

Here's some new info on an old thread...

A friend of mine (who has an '01 A4 1.8T) had purchased an extended
warranty from Audi, which covers up to 100K miles or up to the 6th year.
The premium was $2500.  He just had a cam belt tensioner failure
which turned out to be an $1100 repair, and the plan covered all of it.
The dealer even threw in a replacement fog light (original had broken
lens) for free.  So not even a year into it he had already "made back"
about half the cost of the plan.  According to him the plan covers
almost everything except some items (tires, brake pads, belts, etc).

While the factory plan isn't the cheapest around, it does seem to have
some merits (e.g., less potential haggling between the service dealer
and the policy provider).

Something worth look into.

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