[Biturbos4] Now I've gone and done it...

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Sat Apr 2 16:26:31 EST 2005

It's a done deal.

Lightning is gone. Got 2k more for it than I paid for it.

2005 S4 Avant purchased last night. $1650 over invoice. Black, Black/Silver 
Alcantara, 6-speed manual, spiffy steering wheel, premium package, side 
shades, few other goodies. I thought it would have a full size nav system 
but that was a misunderstanding. You have to get a B7 S4 to get that, and I 
really am not up for that. It doesn't have the mini-nav system either. 
That's cool though, I'll spend the bucks on something aftermarket instead. A 
Carputer with a 7" touch screen display would be way cool. :)

I've driven a B6 prior, and had one out, trans, clutch, etc. So I've got a 
good background with the B6 S4.

Still, driving my own for the first time. Really getting a feel for what the 
car is-- I love it. It's a lot more expensive than my last S4, and it's a 
lot more car. This is not necessarily a good thing to some, though I think I 
can say one thing that all can agree on: Every S series car Audi has made 
over the years continues to set some new standard that other cars get 
benchmarked against. And those that appreciate them for ALL the great things 
they can do really get a car that's a lot more than some dumb status symbol. 
These cars are simply incredible.

I'll hang around this list but don't expect me to B6 Blather on ...

Hhee. One thing is for certain: Let the kemanizing mods begin... 
heheheheeh... time to buy back my VAG-COM cable!!!

- Keman

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: Keman writes:
: > There is a particular 2005 S4 Avant 6-speed Black, Black/Silver 
: > interior, Full size nav system, prem, heated with a particular license 
: > that needs to go on it. Mine.
: Cool!  I am glad you are returning to to the Audi family.  Maybe the
: B6 S4 folks would benefit from your expertise.
: -Ti
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