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Single Malt s_malt at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 3 14:30:05 EDT 2005

--- Keman <keman at interwolf.net> wrote:
> Lightning is gone. Got 2k more for it than I paid
> for it.

Getting more on trade than what you paid is unheard
of!  Good for you.  I think you had said you got
special pricing IIRC when you bought the Lightning,
but still ... makes it *far* easier to justify trading
so soon!

Was it the SVT version (or did Ford even make any
other version than the SVT Lightning - pardon my
ignorance)?  So you went from turbo-charged to
supercharged and now your on to NA ... very eclectic! 
There's a Lightning owner who crosses paths with me
almost every morning in the opposite direction as I
drive down our mountain on my daily commute, I think
he traded out of a pretty white Mustang for it (at
least he doesn't drive the Mustang any more).  It's
funny that on snow days, he's driving an old F-150 up
the hill!
> Still, driving my own for the first time. Really
> getting a feel for what the 
> car is-- I love it. It's a lot more expensive than
> my last S4, and it's a 
> lot more car.

Lot more car in the sense of size? gadgets/goodies? or
overall performance?

> This is not necessarily a good thing
> to some, though I think I 
> can say one thing that all can agree on: Every S
> series car Audi has made 
> over the years continues to set some new standard
> that other cars get 
> benchmarked against. And those that appreciate them
> for ALL the great things 
> they can do really get a car that's a lot more than
> some dumb status symbol. 
> These cars are simply incredible.

Perma-grin machines!  I destroyed my trunk lid last
month on garbage day (stupid garage door!) and now I'm
"de-badged" in the rear as I didn't pay the extra to
have the badges transferred or even new ones affixed. 
It's nice to hear someone ask, "What kind of car is
that?" when they see it from the rear ... I answer
with a grin, "A fast one."
> I'll hang around this list but don't expect me to B6
> Blather on ...
> Hhee. One thing is for certain: Let the kemanizing
> mods begin... 
> heheheheeh... time to buy back my VAG-COM cable!!!
> - Keman

While the platforms may differ, there *must* be some
common topics that could cross over forum boundries.
Dang boundries! :)

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Garaged at 9200ft
just outside Denver, CO

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