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northrup northrup at crazybug.com
Fri Apr 8 10:31:53 EDT 2005

OK, it is true that i can uninstall and re-install, but i find it really 
annoying that i have to do that.   i have a VERY SLOW computer that i am 
willing to use in the garage, and I'm not willing to touch my fast one 
with greasy hands. 

so i have vag com on both, but only one with bently.    I would LIKE to 
have a book that i can just keep in the garage with the other car manuals.  
no luck for me i guess.... and frankly, the manual isn't so great.  the 
honda & even mazda manuals i have include far more detail.

On Thu, 7 Apr 2005, Ti Kan wrote:

> northrup writes:
> > [ Bentley manual ]
> > it is it's own application and btw, the application isn't so great.  IT's 
> > also really annoying that you can only install it once, there is no paper 
> > equivilent and i have not really looked into it, but there seems to be 
> > no easy way to print it out such that it is useful as a paper manual.
> That is not true, you can install your copy of Bentley CD again if
> you switch to a new computer.  To do that, you need to de-install
> the first instance, which will then give you a transfer code to use
> when you register the second installation.  If you don't de-install
> the first instance and have no transfer code, you can call Bentley
> to get a new activation code.
> The Bentley CD manual is a special "eBahn" browser which then invokes
> Adobe Acrobat Reader to display the pdf files.  You can print any
> page from the Acrobat reader controls.
> -Ti

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