[Biturbos4] Wheel spin.

northrup northrup at crazybug.com
Wed Apr 13 09:08:53 EDT 2005

So today, i pulled up between a driveway and a road, in my 2000 S4 which 
does not have ESP.   In this case, the road had heavy crowning.  My car 
has KW Coilovers and as such, the wheels do not 'hang down' much when the 
car is lifted.

That tid bit of information is important for this, because as i pulled and 
stopped on part of that crown, my passenger side rear wheel was not 
touching the ground.   

Put the car in first, up to 2000 RPM, and guess what happened.  The car 
went no where.  It seems that all the drive power went to this one rear 
wheel, and the car was essentially stuck. 

So here I am, audi quattro s4, "stuck" because one wheel doesn't have 
traction?  It seems that all the diffs are open?

wilson '00s4

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