[Biturbos4] Wheel spin. (Torsen)

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Wed Apr 13 12:01:34 EDT 2005

> Will the center one get mechanically "confused" by the forces from the  front
> and rear?  I've thought about a variety of scenarios and it *seems*  that
> f/c/r torsens would be the ultimate in traction, but I'm still at a loss to
> verify the setup would work.  Has it been done?

That's a good question. The front and center, being in the same case,
would certainly have the potential to make some serious heat on the track
if they were both torsens.

I was discussing something along these lines with a friend two nights ago.
I was suggesting he put a quaiffe into his TDI jetta that he's chipping
and upgrading the brakes & suspension on. The part I was trying to figure
out was how the EDL would react to that differential. Say you were on a
real slick surface under one tire. Snow and ice or something. So one tire
was on pavement, the other was on ice. The tire on the ice would start to
spin, the torsen would divert power to the side that gripped, but the EDL
would do RPM matching, clamping down on the side that slipped, which would
cause the torsen to put torque to that side instead. It's tough to say,
EDL is reactionary (it lags, has a response time) , torsens are purely
mechanical, so it might work great and even out just fine. Or it might
just go nuts with the two systems fighting each other, alternating wheels

The best forum to ask would be the TDI/VR6 guys .. since they all have EDL
and quaiffes are a common upgrade. If they can install them without EDL
going nuts,  don't see why you couldn't put another one in the back and
keep ESP/EDL happy.

The real question is, why? Planning on going ice racing? You may have a
very smart AWD system afterwards, but I don't seem to have traction
problems with my stock quattro setup in any condition. My biturbo S4 was a
rally car with snow tires in the winter. Waaay fun.

The $4k or so that it would cost would seem to be better spent on say..
brake upgrades.

- Keman

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