[Biturbos4] Wheel spin. (Torsen)

Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Wed Apr 13 21:39:49 EDT 2005

> I wondered and asked several other engineers about what the 
> effects would  
> be.  Quaife has a Torsen differential that will fit the front and  
> rear of the 
> A4/S4 (like my 2000 S4).  Has anyone actually tried a front,  
> center, AND read 
> torsen setup???

You mean like a HUMVEE?  I'm sure it works very well!

> Will the center one get mechanically "confused" by the forces from 
> the  front 
> and rear?  I've thought about a variety of scenarios and it 
> *seems*  that 
> f/c/r torsens would be the ultimate in traction, but I'm still at 
> a loss to  
> verify the setup would work.  Has it been done?

The problem I see is packaging, drive-train (friction) loss and cost.  It'll cost a pretty penny, and you can bet the you'll loss even more power with such a setup!

Stasis has an upgraded 4:1 center torsen diff, and a clutch type LSD for the rear.  I read from track junkies on AW that this combo is super sweet, you can get the power down even better than stock quattro setup, and it helps to dial out any remaining understeer not cured with their suspension setup.  The best part is it's not that expensive either, especially when compared to typical Stage 3 (K04's) cost.  I have not heard of any problems regarding to conflict with the EDL system.


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