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Tue Apr 19 09:15:28 EDT 2005

Almost every car on the market now has 4 O2 sensors and 2-4 cats.  Most have more sensors than you can shake a stick at and are DBW.  Unless you get a car built 1995 or older, all of the cars will be almost the same sophistication and complication level.

That means maintenance will be similar once they fall out of warranty.  I have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the power that my chipped S4 makes.  You can get just as many tickets in a less powerful car...


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> I don't really need passenger space, a good execuse not to be DD ;-) With the 
> rear seats fold down it can swallow quite a bit of stuff, gotta love hatchbacks! 
> But yeah a MCS can be pretty expensive. 
> I guess my point is that it's arguably more fun hauling ass in a less powerful 
> car with great handling, than trying hard not to WOT all the time in a more 
> powerful car cuz that's torture! 
> When you think about it, the 2.7tt is really one of the most complex engine on 
> the market, well other than the 4.2tt. It's got variable valve timing, 5-valve 
> heads, 2 turbos and crazy amount of plumbing, DBW, and a crap load of sensors. 
> Heck it's got 4 cats and 4 O2 sensors!! As a mechanical engineer I love this 
> stuff! But I don't think my wallet quite agrees with me. Sorry if I scare some 
> of you folks with this post ;-) 
> Quincy 

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