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I keep pondering all of the same ideas ... weight, mileage, out-of-warranty 
cost, usefulness, Mini, etc.  One can argue that the enthusiast driver can 
get more fun out of the challenge of maintaining momentum in an underpowered 
car than by correcting any mistake/inefficiency with the throttle, 
especially in traffic and at legal speeds.  Here in the fun-car-deprived 
USofA, the Mini is the smallest, lightest, sportiest option out there.  Ya 
gotta love the idea of hauling around -- what 500lb? -- less weight with 
lower cost, better mileage, etc., but there are, of course, trade-offs.

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Have any of you ever felt like our S4, even in stock form, is too much car 
(power wise) for daily use? I've been frustrated somewhat since I got my S4, 
that I can't really use its power 90% of the time, due to traffic and not 
wanting dates with cops.

And it really is pretty bad on gas for a car this size, mostly due to its 
weight, which also affects handling.

I'm stock right now, except a boost gauge and Tracksport suspension, which 
really helps to address its handling and eliminate the "all-road" stance. 
But still I can feel that weight lugging around.

Lastly, there's the reliability. Replacing those pesky K03s aren't cheap by 
any means, and owning it past warranty is starting to concern me.

All this leads me to the Mini Cooper S. I drove one last summer and it was 
fantastic. It's certainly not as fast as a stock S4, but with its slick 
gearbox, I can genuinely use all its power most of the time. And it will run 
circles around the S4 and most cars for that matter when it comes to 
handling.  Not to mention it's easier on the wallet at the gas pump, and 
it's just so damn good looking.  Some call it cute, I prefer handsome, and 
you can't ignore its giant-killing ability and its point-to-point speed.

If the standard car it's quick enough, the Works package will make it more 
interesting with 210hp and a pretty mean soundtrack. But it comes at a 

I only bring up the Mini because it's the only car I like on the market 
right now other than my S4 and CQ, and its within my financial reach.  So 
what do you guys think?  I'd like to hear some of your thoughts.

'01.5 S4
'90 CQ

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