[Biturbos4] Naughty thought...

Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Tue Apr 19 14:02:28 EDT 2005

> --- "j.koenig" <j.koenig at adelphia.net> wrote:
> > I keep pondering all of the same ideas ... weight,
> > mileage, out-of-warranty 
> > cost, usefulness, Mini, etc.  One can argue that the
> I cannot comment on the Mini versus whatever (I wish I
> had the time to drive everything out there though), so
> stop reading here if you don't want to listen to my
> mini-rant (no pun intended).
> When looking at your current vehicle situation, I
> sometimes have the feeling that the "group think"
> takes over ... if you actually crunch the numbers when
> factoring in the cost of obtaining a new vehicle
> versus repairing an old one - it is almost *always*
> cheaper to fix the old (even when faced with a $5-7k
> turbo-job).  However, my father-in-law (may he rest in
> peace) once said that once a guy gets it in his head
> to get a new car, he's gonna get a new car (he was
> talking about me at the time, but it was applicable to
> most).
> Those that rationalize the current residual value in
> their repair decision (i.e. "How much? It's not even
> worth that!"), I feel are using that as a means to
> justify the new car too ... since *very* few
> automobiles are worthy of "investment" value and if
> that is your focus ...

That's funny cuz it's true!  To be honest money isn't the biggest factor here at all.  As a through and through car guy, I place engineering, performance (acceleration, handling, braking...), quality, style and feel (very important!) ahead of rational factors like money and maintenancea and resale value.  I think most here will agree.  Cuz if not none of us would be driving Audis!  And that's why I went from my 1.8t to the S.

But once in a while, I started to think if I really need all that performance when I don't seem to be using it most of the time.  And now that I've owned an S4, I kinda want something drastically different, hence the MCS.

> Now once the vehicle degrades to a certain level
> (windows don't work, radio's out, seat heaters are
> done, etc.), then maybe its time to strip it down for
> pure track use <grin>!
> About weight .... each morning and night, the news
> reports local accidents on this highway or that.  I
> *like* the heavier vehicle weight ... makes me feel a
> little safer.  Yea, it's a bit of a pig in the
> tight-and-twisties, but I'm working on the skillz to
> overcome that :)
> About MPG .... well, I'm not sure why this comes up so
> often ... I use the throttle ALOT (I'm *very*
> fortunate to commute during low flow times and long
> open highways mixed with sweet curvy canyon roads) and
> consistently get 24-26 MPG.  Heck, the latest
> "performance" hybrid is boasting a whopping 25! Whee!
> Bottom line is, if you are fantasizing about a new
> ride, you're likely going to get the one that appeals
> to you (dang marketing b'tards) no matter how it
> stacks up technically.  Furthermore, you'll
> rationalize why it it so much superior to the old one
> you *had* to get rid of!
> Enjoy your search for a new car, I think you'll like
> whatever you get.
> --
> Single Malt
> '01.5 S4
> Garaged at 9200ft
> just outside Denver, CO

Can argue with your logic.  I finally went and test drove a e46 M3 last month, both 6-sp and SMG, wanting to see what the fuzz is all about.  I was very impressed, especially the noise it makes, but not enough for me to want one badly.  But for some reason, I still crave a Mini after I drove one 8 months ago, what the hell did they put in the car to have a lasting effect like this??  Those dang marketing b'tards!! ;-)


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