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I think  I've read something similar in another car mag!

No doubt about it.  Why did people adore those (ahem... POS)  Honda CRX cars? 
 Same logic.
That VW C-concept roadster and the Pontiac Solstice (and the Elan) all hark  
back to that logic, and don't forget the Miata.  I really enjoy my Corvette  
Z06, even on the street.  But it only really makes me grin going around  
corners about 85 MPH or in a straight above 100 MPH.
As an instructor, my favorite cars to instruct in are cool exotics  (Ferrari, 
etc.) and light, nimble cars (CooperS, Miata, etc.).  The guys  with the 
cheap light, low power cars quickly learn to drive the hell out of  them.  
Beginning students with exotics are boring and dangerous until  they learn to NOT be 
afraid of the car.
Mark Rosenkrantz
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