[Biturbos4] running out of luck ....

Single Malt s_malt at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 19 14:54:35 EDT 2005

I'll admit I've got some luck, but it can't last.

Going to a client this morning (late morning) ...
catch up to a State Patrol going my direction, never
saw him until he was the next car up from me (marked,
but no light bar).  He doesn't seem to care that I
caught up to him so quickly :)

Few miles later, my V1 starts chirping K-band in a
place it normally does not, I lift and slow slightly
to the posted limit.  Oncoming local law man, pays no
attention to me.

Few miles later ... had to throttle up to beat a
SUV/truck to the lane merge (right lane ends), after I
reach the straight my V1 lights up LASER!  I brake and
continue to roll forward at posted limit (truck nearly
rear-ends me ... he can't see the motorcycle cop
hiding at the next intersection).  I decide to exit to
keep from passing the cop and maybe getting pulled
over (when you detect laser, you're already caught - I
thought).  When I leave the 7-11, the motorcycle cop
is gone. whew ...!

Few miles later, another State Patrol ... oncoming ...
no radar going ... hauling A$$.  Must be after someone
else, I continue.

Getting close to the next big city (Boulder) .. have
to stroll through some obstinate road hog traffic
(in-and-out kinda stuff).  Unfortunately, the last car
I need to pass (another little SUV ... whats up with
them?), I'm cruising quite a bit above posted.  To
make a point to the non-cooperative SUV, I have to
whiz by at an even higher rate of speed <grin> - I
LOVE THIS CAR!  I cruise around a corner and see the
local law in a side street to the left.  I JAM on the
brakes ... I'm watching the speedo drop, but still +15
over posted as I go by ... the V1 is lighting up K and
Ka - LOUDLY!  Awww crap ... he's got me - no doubt!  I
keep my eyes pegged on the rearview mirror ... NO
PURSUIT!  OK, ok, ok, ok ... gotta quit this sh!t. 
How many times am I gonna get a break today!?  Didn't
he SEE my nose dive????  Dang, he must've been asleep
or something.

Chill out.

Single Malt
'01.5 S4
Garaged at 9200ft
just outside Denver, CO

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