[Biturbos4] running out of luck ....

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Tue Apr 19 15:27:00 EDT 2005


Go park the car and get a ride for the next week.

Your luck is used up! :P

I had a similar (singular though) experience driving to the airport in
D.C. last thursday.

I'm on a highway posted 55mph. Two left lanes have minivans crawling
along. Far right lane (#4) has a big rig tractor trailer in it, also
crawling. I move a lane to the right to pass them all only to have the
bigrig pull right into my lane cutting me off. I get back into my lane on
the left, the heaviest vehicle has the right of way afterall. So I drop
back... and get behind the tractor trailer, I downshift to 4th and then
3rd, move a lane over and wring this V8 out to 7k rpm, pulling on 4th gear
and easily doing over 100 by the time I'm passing the double-length trucks
front end. Then I see it. My heart stops. A cop. On the side of the
highway perpendicular to the far right lane, the lane I'm in. Holding a
laser gun out his window. He's far away, but not so far that I can't see
what he's doing. I'm on the brakes ... oh god I'm on the brakes, this
state loves writing wreckless driving tickets. The speedometer acts like a
windshield wiper and I'm doing 70 mph in a hurry.  As I get closer I see
the cop has his twirly blue lights on. FSCK! I'm sure they're on to let me
know that he's got me and I'm busted.. and as soon as I pass by, he's
going to pull right out behind me and take me out.

I pass by and stare at him. He's not staring at me, he's still looking in
the scope of the laser unit, oblivious.. apparently. I suspect the lights
were on just to get people to slow down so if he pulled someone over, he
could say "You're obviously dumb, you're speeding and I had my lights on
in plain view and you just went right by me still speeding." ...

Lucky me. I was prolly going 105 or so. My heart resumed beating sometime
therafter. I would have missed my flight, no questions asked.

- Keman

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