[Biturbos4] running out of luck ....

kwk at eaest.com kwk at eaest.com
Tue Apr 19 16:27:14 EDT 2005

      Had my adreneline fix Thurs last week.   Tooling along the two lane
blacktop approaching I-83 entrance ramp with a Carrerra following at a
reasonable distance, we pulled onto the interstate.  Not to be viewed as a
lightweight, I wicked it up to 85 in a hurry, passed a couple of cars and
calmly pulled into the slow lane.  The Carrerra went by me like I was
standing still.........  As my mentor Popeye says "thats alls I can
stand....I can't stands no more".....  So I pulled out after the guy and
caught up to him in a hurry.  I didn't spend much time looking anywhere but
at the road, but a quick glance showed me a tad over 120.  We cruised like
this for about 2-3 miles, then ran into some traffic and slowed to the mid

      I got near my exit and was in the far right lane, the other guy
having dived and weaved around  some traffic , when to my surprise, a state
trooper car comes sweeping over and up behind me real quick.  I had my
signal on and ducked off the exit ramp, fully expecting him to follow
....but he took off after the Porsche.   Just goes to show that some times
you dodge the bullet and sometimes it doesn't make sense to drive a
Porsche......I'm for stealth ( and speed).

            '01 S4

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