[Biturbos4] Naughty thought...

northrup northrup at crazybug.com
Tue Apr 19 17:42:10 EDT 2005

>I guess my point is that it's arguably more fun hauling ass in a 
>less powerful car with great handling, than trying hard not to WOT 
>all the time in a more powerful car cuz that's torture!

I recall discussing this with other autox'ers in the past... one such 
person indicated that he used to put thin snow tires on his 1st gen RX7 so 
he could break traction all the time, and spin wheels - all the while 
honing his skills - it seemed to work for him.  I believe he one the 
nationals at least once. 

still, as i look at the cars i have to drive, i don't tend to gravitate 
toward my wife's FWD lesser powered car :)

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