[Biturbos4] Virginia S4 Spotted

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Wed Apr 20 12:24:51 EDT 2005

>  I'm not the Blue S4, I'm a silver 00 S4 in Fairfax and I've been
> following your posts for a while and have found them very informative. I

Heh, thanks. I'm living in Springfield now.

> didn't know in you're Northern VA now - I hope you aren't working for
> HBL(if so, my condolences). At any rate, any tips on any good shops

I actually got out of the mechanic industry last fall. It was fun for a
while, certainly useful when bottom fell right out of the tech industry
back in 2002. I lived in the bay area then, and when all my sysadmin
friends proceeded to not find jobs any better than I could I went out and
got my ASE certifications to turn my hobby (working on cars) into a
career. I definitely had delusions of granduer though, and even working
for Audi I saw that this line of work was NOT filled with even a shred of
glamour. Every tech I knew worked out of desperation, they all considered
being a mechanic to be... not their first choice to work in life. By the
end I was managing the network at the dealer I worked for and in being
paid to do so I rapidly realized that the tech market was back and I was
just spinning my wheels turning wrenches and not having much money to show
for it. Last fall Virginia had the countrys lowest rate of unemployment-
beat only by Hawaii. The tech market here is VERY strong, almost

I'm now working at an internet security company, doing a lot of the stuff
I've done in my past and enjoying not having to deal with the cold, rain,
heat, and other very frustrating aspects of being a mechanic.

> you've run into around here? I do most of the work on my S4 myself but
> time pressures are making me take a look at  alternate possibilities.

I'm not aware of any as I moved here not long ago. I got my S4 from the
Audi dealer in Alexandria. They seem competant but I wouldn't take my Audi
to a dealer for anything but warranty work. I do all the maint. myself ..
and if anyone thinks that said maint. might be difficult to do yourself
for the first time- every audi tech learns how to do it the first time on
customers cars so.... might as well be you. :)

- Keman

> Thanks
> Al

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