[Biturbos4] Naughty thought...

Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Thu Apr 21 01:04:16 EDT 2005

> A CooperS evokes FUN!  I've gotten to drive modified ones at Lime 
> Rock  and 
> Watkins Glen.  What a hoot!  I like going FASTER in my Z06, but  
> the Mini 
> *always* makes me grin like a fool.

That seems like the reaction 99% of the people get after driving one.

> And the gearing is just about perfect for Lime Rock, which makes 
> the car  
> devilishly fast there.
> My first car (and I still have it in pieces) was a 1987 Bertone 
> X1/9.   You 
> could drive the hell out of that car on the street with skinny 
> tires  and 115? 
> HP.   Lots of fun driving an underpowered, but very  capable, 
> fairly light 
> car.  To this day I want to pull it out of the  barn and sink $$$ 
> into it.  =)

My first car was a '86 Honda Prelude with a 1.8L 12v engine making 100 hp.  It's not fast at all, but it's sort of quick thanks to its light weight at 2500lb.  You sit so close to the ground and with 4-wheel double wishbone suspension and some meaty 14" 185 section width tires, it handles great!  It had problems, actually many, and I sold it to get my first Audi, a '90 CQ.

> I also miss my 1987 16V GTi for the same reasons.  As much as I 
> liked  my 
> 1995 GTiVR6 (much more refined), I just sold it and don't miss  
> it.  My modified 
> 2000 S4 I'll miss since I expect to sell it  shortly.  Nice 
> balance of 
> refinement, appointments, and hell of a fast  sedan.  Perfect on 
> the street, snow, or 
> track.

I totally agree your assessment on the S4.  I've always love the stealth concept, just want to slip by everyone at a fast pace without getting noticed.  However lately, I started to think the S4 is too quiet, especially after test driving the M3, and I believe sound is an important part of driving pleasure.  So perhaps I should just get an exhaust instead...

The thinking continues...


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