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I agree with you. I owned a 1980 RX-7 and finally got rid of it in 1993 with
130K miles. It ran flawlessly, gave me good gas mileage, but did start to
use a little more oil at 110k, 1.5k/qt instead of the normal 3.5/qt. This
was the first year Mazda used Viton seals. Drove 16k cross-country in 6
weeks with no problems. It was a fun car to drive with a great shifter and
really cheap to operate, < $200/yr repairs and maintenance.  It had 50/50
weight distribution, so it even drove well in the snow. I never bought snow
tires and I lived in PA and NYC at that time. 13 years later, I traded it in
on a 93.5  RX-7 with twin sequential turbos. This car reminded me of a 73
Ferrari Dino in its handling, as both were mid-engines. It did .99g skidpad
and was also fast, 2800 # and 255 hp, with 0-60, 5.1s but attracted cops
like fleas. The smoothness of the rotary at 8500k is incredible. The problem
was service. Non of the dealers could properly service it and with every
visit, it got worse. The dealers mickeymoused the turbo controllers and
Mazda would not stand behind it to fix it. I finally tired of the dealer
repair problems and got rid of it in 98. I drove my wife's old car until I
bought my S4 in 3/01. If Mazda forgets about Turbos in the new RX-7, it
should be reliable, fast (with the recent peripheral porting improvement, it
has the same hp), and great to drive. It would probably still attract more
cops than the S4. Finally don't forget possible modding, the 3 rotor wankel
from japan fit the 93-95 Rx-7 and had almost 400 hp.

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> hmmm.... as a 1994 RX7 and 2000 S4 owner, I'll suggest that the rotary is
> pleanty reliable.  IMHO most of the problems one hears about with the
> rotary are due to improper modifications.
> I have done two - 2 week cross country drives across the US in that
> car, driving  about 1000 miles per day  (~15K per trip).  I'd
> trust that car to get me just about anywhere (blizzard exclusion applies).
> I have about 100k on it now. Never an engine problem, and the smoothness
> of the engine is incredible.  At the time I purchased it, it was the
> closest thing to a bike I could find.  These days, perhaps that new lotus
> would be a favorable choice...
> On Wed, 20 Apr 2005, Quincy Chiang wrote:
> > When?  And with turbo(s)?  I don't know, rotary engines just don't
really turn my crank, I think piston engines sound better in general, have
more character.  And even though Mazda says the apex seals on the newer
rotaries are much more durable, I still have doubts about it.
> >
> > Quincy
> >
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> >
> > > DO at least wait until the new RX-7 comes out! :)
> > >
> > > - Keman
> > >
> > > > As I mentioned in my other post, even M3's don't impress me
> > > enough to
> > > > want one.  Somehow the Mini just speaks to me, can't really
> > > explain it.
> > > > I should also wait till the MkV GTi gets here before I do anything
> > > > radical, every article I've read about it so far says it's the
> > > best GTI
> > > > in years, way better than any MkIII and MkIV's.
> > > >
> > > > Quincy
> > >
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