[Biturbos4] Acetone additive increases gas mileage?

northrup northrup at crazybug.com
Mon Aug 1 00:46:02 EDT 2005

I'm no expert, but we used to  disolve pretty much anything and everything 
using acetone in the college chem lab days.  Maybe you should just ease 
off the boost if you want better gas milage :)

I surfed around for about 10 minutes on this topic. There are lots of 
opinions on both sides.  Since you like digg.com, maybe you'll like this 
post on digg.com...  

"This type of info has been around for a long time, I test fuel for a 
living (government lab) and when I showed my boss at the fuels lab the 
article he laughed. Things like this have been passed around for 50 years 
and no one has ever shown it helps mileage.

Acetone is used as solvent, you may clean some crap out of gas tank, but 
it will only end up in your fuel filter.

You could also destroy other electronic sensors and it will certainly 
screw with the ECU and Oxygen sensors, newer cars may not even run on it.

Acetone also carries a lot of static as it travels, if your going to pour 
it any distance I would get good grounding straps as it tends to flash 
real easy."

>From this thread:


On Sun, 31 Jul 2005, Nicholas Mistry wrote:

> http://pesn.com/2005/03/17/6900069_Acetone/
> I just saw this article come across digg.com and find it hard to believe 
> that this is true.   Have any of you heard of this trick before?
> Can you do this w/ modern engines?
> -N
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