[Biturbos4] Dealer excuses...

Aurangzeb M. Agha ama-list at mltp.com
Thu Aug 4 15:36:12 EDT 2005

I don't take it to an independent local shop because none in my area 
(rural, Western Mass.) know how to handle the tech under the hood of the 
S4.  If someone has a reccomendation, I'm all ears.

My expectations of service from the dealer while I was under warranty can 
best be described as "royal".  I know from experience this is not too much 
to ask for, as that's what I got a couple of times, 1st from Rector Motor 
Car in the Bay Area, and Claire in Boston (Rector was even better than 
the latter).

They realize I love my car, and realize that if they give me great 
service, I'll buy another Audi in the future.  The guys at Rector offered 
rides home from and TO the dealer so I could drop my car off and be picked 
up in the evening when the work was done.  They did oil changes without 
charge.  The assigned you a personal service manager and gave you his 
email and phone number to either email or call to ask a question about 
your car, whether it was under service or not.

When I went to Europe for two years (while under warranty), I needed 
regularservice checks and some work done during my absence from the US.  
Audo (of Europe) policy states that a car had to be purchased in Europe to 
qualify for warranty coverage.  Audi of America said the same--they 
wouldn't cover the car while I was abroad.

I contacted my service manager at Rector, told him my issue, and he told 
me not to worry about it, make copies of my receipts, and get them to him 
when I get back.  I did so, and a month later, got a check in the mail.

I think Rector went WAY above and Beyond, but there's no doubt that that 
level of service was simply amazing.  Taking my car in was never an issue, 
and never something I gave a 2nd thought.  Now, not only do I have to 
think about it a couple of times, but I also have to go out of my way to 
NOT go to the dealer nearest me.


Silver '01 S4

On Thu, 4 Aug 2005 docwyte at comcast.net wrote:
:If you're out of warranty, why are you even bothering to take the car to 
:any dealer?  Just take it to a good independent local shop.
:What were your expectations of service from the dealer while you were 
:under warranty?

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