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Tue Aug 9 17:10:26 EDT 2005

K04's are far tougher, haven't heard of one K04 failure yet.  Honestly I'd just drive off boost for a few minutes before shutting down.  I use Mobil 1 and change at 5k intervals.

Chipping is the big deal, once you do that, the stock K03's can't take it, and will go.  Mileage will vary, mine lasted 48k, my friend had almost 80k on his...

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> On Tue, 09 Aug 2005 12:18:51 -0500, Robert Bullivant 
> wrote: 
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> >I recently bought a 2001.5 Avant S4 with 26,000 on it. I've been 
> >reading the list regurading turbo whoes. 
> >Someone please fill me in as I've had several turbo cars before and got 
> >75,000 minimum out of the turbos, 
> >some over 100,000. Of course I should preface by saying I've used only 
> >Red Line or Mobile One synthetic 
> >and changed at 3,500 - 4,000 intervals, and have let the cars run for 30 
> >-60 seconds in hot weather prior to 
> >shut down. What gives with Audi's turbos and their apparent lack of 
> >staying power? 
> Further to Rob's questions, am I right in thinking that the K04s are 
> far tougher and that turbo failure in the RS4 is much rarer? 
> andyt 
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