[Biturbos4] Finding ground

Grant gfl1 at optonline.net
Tue Aug 9 19:41:12 EDT 2005

I know, "just look down".

Car: 2002 S6 avant.  I doubt its much different from an S4 in this 
Dash apart (thanks very much, advice was spot-on!!)

I'm looking for a good grounding point. I'm looking at the relay block, 
with a bunch of nice #10 connections below.
Three are clearly +12V.  The other two are more nebulous.  Located at 
each end, they measure effectively +0V to chassis.  But they also 
measure between 2 and 5 ohms.  Maybe a bad connection to the only 
chassis I can easily reach.

Does anyone have a wiring diagram, or *know*, the nature of the bolts 
below the fuses?



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