[Biturbos4] Time to start thinking "new clutch"?

Single Malt s_malt at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 9 21:25:07 EDT 2005

I've been dealing with an issue I encounter when
shifting. Trying to gear down from a high rate of
speed (6th gear to 4th, or 5th gear to 4th), I
periodically am treated to gear grinding and no luck
at engaging 4th gear (clutch firmly planted to the
floor).  After burning some speed and shifting through
other gears, revisiting 4th is usually successful.  I
also find grinding on ocassion when agressively
shifting from 3rd to 4th. Sometimes at a stop light,
1st gear requires a visit to 2nd gear before it'll
completely engaged. And finally, on occasion, after
driving for an hour or so, using reverse can be tricky
too.  These issues are a relatively recent

My recent service visit to the dealership (Audi
Assured warranty still in effect - but not for a
clutch) revealed a diagnosis of "needs a clutch".  The
linkage was presumably eliminated as the issue as my
tech (whom I've enjoyed a good rapport with) indicated
he was able to reproduce the problem once the clutch
was hot and even encountered slipping to a degree.
Price with flywheel, about $3,000 ... if no flywheel
is required then just over $2,000.

So .... I'm thinking that an aftermarket clutch may be
worth consideration.  I'm also toying with the idea of
a lightweight flywheel, even if my stock flywheel is

The car is still driveable and the problem is not so
severe or common that I can't take some time to weigh
all my options. Might even get a second opinion before
going too far, but I am starting to gather quotes.

Are there any other things that need to be done "while
their in there"?

What're the group thoughts on lightweight flywheel

Single Malt
'01.5 S4
Garaged at 9200ft
just outside Denver, CO

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