[Biturbos4] Time to start thinking "new clutch"?

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Tue Aug 9 23:21:10 EDT 2005

Sounds more like tranny syncros to me vs a clutch.  I'd stay away from the aftermarket clutches, if you want a stronger clutch, get the RS4 one.

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> I've been dealing with an issue I encounter when 
> shifting. Trying to gear down from a high rate of 
> speed (6th gear to 4th, or 5th gear to 4th), I 
> periodically am treated to gear grinding and no luck 
> at engaging 4th gear (clutch firmly planted to the 
> floor). After burning some speed and shifting through 
> other gears, revisiting 4th is usually successful. I 
> also find grinding on ocassion when agressively 
> shifting from 3rd to 4th. Sometimes at a stop light, 
> 1st gear requires a visit to 2nd gear before it'll 
> completely engaged. And finally, on occasion, after 
> driving for an hour or so, using reverse can be tricky 
> too. These issues are a relatively recent 
> development. 
> My recent service visit to the dealership (Audi 
> Assured warranty still in effect - but not for a 
> clutch) revealed a diagnosis of "needs a clutch". The 
> linkage was presumably eliminated as the issue as my 
> tech (whom I've enjoyed a good rapport with) indicated 
> he was able to reproduce the problem once the clutch 
> was hot and even encountered slipping to a degree. 
> Price with flywheel, about $3,000 ... if no flywheel 
> is required then just over $2,000. 
> So .... I'm thinking that an aftermarket clutch may be 
> worth consideration. I'm also toying with the idea of 
> a lightweight flywheel, even if my stock flywheel is 
> OK. 
> The car is still driveable and the problem is not so 
> severe or common that I can't take some time to weigh 
> all my options. Might even get a second opinion before 
> going too far, but I am starting to gather quotes. 
> Are there any other things that need to be done "while 
> their in there"? 
> What're the group thoughts on lightweight flywheel 
> replacements? 
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