[Biturbos4] Time to start thinking "new clutch"?

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Wed Aug 10 12:16:50 EDT 2005

Try bleeding the clutch slave cylinder first.

System gets hot -> boils water in cylinder -> insufficient hydraulic
displacement to fully disengage clutch.

It's a bitch to get your hand up there to open the bleeder, but it can be
done. Make sure it's not been running for long else the cats get
prohibitively hot. I'd strongly advise it be something that you yourself
do as opposed to the dealer, or have a different dealer/shop do it than
the one that wants you to replace the clutch.

- Keman

On Tue, 9 Aug 2005, Single Malt wrote:

> I've been dealing with an issue I encounter when
> shifting. Trying to gear down from a high rate of
> speed (6th gear to 4th, or 5th gear to 4th), I
> periodically am treated to gear grinding and no luck
> at engaging 4th gear (clutch firmly planted to the
> floor).  After burning some speed and shifting through
> other gears, revisiting 4th is usually successful.  I
> also find grinding on ocassion when agressively
> shifting from 3rd to 4th. Sometimes at a stop light,
> 1st gear requires a visit to 2nd gear before it'll
> completely engaged. And finally, on occasion, after
> driving for an hour or so, using reverse can be tricky
> too.  These issues are a relatively recent
> development.

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