[Biturbos4] Alroad turboooo

brandon&trenna adams quattrorunner at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 18 00:18:06 EDT 2005

I'm thinking of getting the alroad with 2.7t.
This is the closest list I could ask these questions. Anyway, is it true that the engine needs to be dropped to upgrade the turbos? Also, is the alroad in the same boat as S4 with the turbo issues? I'm kind of OK with this but need to prepare if this is the case. I guess the ko4s are the way to go while I'm at it? Or is there a better way to go and still keep the Tip happy. (Finding an alroad with third seat and 6 speed is next to impossible). Any and all info is appreciated! Thanks in advance and Address me directly as I'm not subscribed.
One more thing: should I just get an S6?

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brandon&trenna adams
quattrorunner at earthlink.net

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