[Biturbos4] Misfiring on multiple cylinders

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My 01.5 had the same problem over a year ago (and still does occasionally).
According to what AoA told me:  S4s above a certain number are not included
in the recall. AoA threw parts at my car, when the problem worsened during a
visit to the dealer. New injectors, ignitors, wires, spark plugs, head (weak
valve springs??)plus many injector cleanings. Miraculousy, the problem got
better on it's own, but as I said it's still noticeably there. Between the
misfire problem and the trans replacement, my S4 spent enough time at the
dealer that AoA extended my warranty for another year. IMO, somethings not
totally right with the ignition/fueling on S4s. My car seesaws back and
forth between running poorly and running great, but with no rhyme or reason.
I'm interested an why also.


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> My 2001 S4 recently started misfiring on cylinders 4, 5, and 6 under load.
Does anyone know if the VW/Audi ignition coil recall from a couple years ago
covers the 2.7t?  I found a couple sites that said it affected all VWs and
Audis (ex. http://www.vcertt.org/news/10-03.pdf), but others listed specific
models/engines that didn't include the S4.
> Also, does anyone have any intuition re: what might cause misfiring on
4-5-6?  Just a coincidence, or is there something ignition related that
those cylinders share?
> Thanks,
> Erik
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