[Biturbos4] 2000 S4 Running Hot

j y jimnetpa at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 29 01:22:17 EDT 2005

If you have a blocked thermostat - they will replace the unit - with a  new one. That's standard operating procedure on any car. As far as the oil can light, I would have them check your oil  pan and ALL your oil lines - including the turbos. You could have a leak somewhere - otherwise the sensor is bad and should be replaced. 
Yes, my turbos were replaced @ 52k mi, i documented my experience both here and on AudiWorld. Basically, the early 2.7t bi-turbos are known for turbo failure because of the small oil inlets in the turbo housing - thus impacting cooling - and causing premature turbo failure. If your turbos fail - u will know - u will experience a blue-ish smoke out of the tail pipe under acceleration - or have a very high pitched whine like a dentist drill under acceleration with NO boost. I had the dentist drill sound - it was awful sounding. Since I was stock (no chips or modifications), JUST out of warranty, and the original owner - AOA (Audi of America) split the cost (50/50) of new (upgraded K03 - stock) turbos & intercoolers, plus labor. My out of pocket cost was $2700. 
I have HEAVILY modified my S4 since Audi replaced my original turbos and expect to have another turbo failure in the near future, due to my extensive modifications (GIAC x-chip, aftermkt exhaust & downpipes, aftermkt intercoolers, modified air intake, AWE boost gauge) and hard driving. At that point, I will replace my K03s with K03 hybrids (mixes K03/K04 compressors), or straight K04s (standard (bigger) turbos on the RS4 bi-turbo in Europe). 
In fact, I can't wait to upgrade to K04s - the S4 is absolute MONSTER with them - versus a stock or modified K03 set-up. Good Luck. If you haven't discovered AudiWorld - u should join the B5-S4 forum there.   

r harout <carrera3_2 at yahoo.com> wrote:
Thanks guys

I'm making the appt. tomorrow. When you say 'blocked'
it almost sounds simple to fix. Aud will probably say
'replace,'won't they?

Do you suppose the blinking and beeping oil can was a
false positive from the heat?

I drove the car another 4 hours on the highway
afterthe traffic/heat incident and the heat guage
stayed in the middle and the oil can went away..

J Y, have you had to replaced your turbos since you
have 105K?

I plan on doing the timing belt right away--car has
82K now.

Thanks again,


JY, did you have to replace your turbos? I noticed
you have higher mileage...

How can you tell they are on the way out?

--- j y wrote:

> Agreed. The temp gauge needle on my 00 S4 is always
> in the middle unless the outside temp is 90+ degrees
> and the air is on. Then, the temp gauge needle is
> slightly to the right (1 o'clock) of the middle -
> never near 'H'. I have 105k mi on my S4. I've driven
> every mile except the first 200. You definitely
> need to have an Audi dealership or independent shop
> (that works on Audis) check this out. You probably
> have a blocked thermostat.
> Ti Kan wrote:
> r harout writes:
> > I'm curious to know how hot these cars are
> supposed to
> > run.. Just purchased an '00 with 80K and was in
> > traffic this a.m. when the temp gauge went a tick
> > below 'H.'
> Something is wrong. Under normal circumstances,
> after warmup,
> the coolant temp gauge should always be in the
> middle position.
> Under extreme conditions it might veer over the
> middle just a
> bit but I've never seen it go anywhere close to the
> 'H' zone.
> > I could feel the heat coming from the engine bay.
> The
> > a/c started to blow hot air, and I thought the car
> was
> > going to explode after 2 hours in traffic.
> Maybe your thermostat is blocked, or the radiator
> cooling fan
> isn't working? It's supposed to be driven by the
> engine via
> a clutch mechanism, and there are two supplemental
> electric
> fans too.
> -Ti
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