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Mon Aug 29 13:20:25 EDT 2005

$$$ for S4 timing belt replacements at dealers - are ALL ACROSS THE BD. I spent $1200+taxes at the local dealer here in the Phila PA area. But, I'm sure if I didn't get a recommendation from my INDEPENDENT shop as to what dealer won't rip me off - it would have been higher. If you can get an INDEPENDENT Audi shop to do the work - that's the best bet - my shop was busy - so they recommended the best dealer for me to get it done. I would have saved about $300 (off the $1200)  - if my independent shop had replaced the belt and associated hardware. As a rule, I prefer to use an independent shop, they let me buy the parts via the net (another savings) and they do the install. Their labor rates are $70 per hr vs. $100 per hr at the dealer. When I replace my K03s with K04s (or K03 hybrids), I'll use the independent shop - no questions asked - I'll purchase the turbos form the vendor with the best price.

Single Malt <s_malt at yahoo.com> wrote:
--- r harout wrote:

> does that 1100-1800 include the water pump and
> thermostat?!?!
> probably not, right?
> Single Malt wrote:
> --- r harout wrote:
> > I plan on doing the timing belt right away--car
> has
> > 82K now.
> Well then, you're in luck! It is typical to replace
> the water pump, and t-stat while doing your
> $1,100-1,800 timing belt job :) ... perhaps this
> will
> address the problem and you can enjoy relatively
> "cool
> runnin's".

Yes, in that price range you should get:

1) Timing Belt
2) Water pump
3) T-stat
4) Tensioner roller
5) Idler roller
6) Serpentine belt

Here's a link (but I think you've got to cut&paste it
as AW doesn't like direct link from outside):

My process ran just under $1,400 at the dealer while
they were replacing my turbos :) ... I saved $400
since they already had it apart. Typical cost at that
dealer for the whole timing belt procedure is $1,800.

Single Malt
'01.5 S4
Garaged at 9200ft
just outside Denver, CO

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