[Biturbos4] 2000 S4 Running Hot

Greg Amy grega at pobox.com
Mon Aug 29 13:53:49 EDT 2005

> My process ran just under $1,400 at the dealer while
> they were replacing my turbos :)

> dealer for the whole timing belt procedure is $1,800

I just did my timing belt myself in my garage a couple
of weekends ago. I follow a combination of Ryan's post
as well as the Bentley, plus some minor differences
due to the fact that ours is a B5 S4 and his is an
All-Road. It's a daunting job, but with patience and
the right tools you can do it yourself. Want to see
what your timing belt looks like (case sensitive)?


If you're paying the dealer $1400, drive to Middletown
CT and I'll do it for $1000 plus a twelve-pack of Sam
Adams, including parts.

> what's the consensus of replacing the stock 
> thermostat with one that actuates at a lower temp?

Why? The purpose of a thermostat is to keep coolant
from flowing into the radiator until it's warmed up;
it's a temperature-minimizing device, not a
temperature-maximizing device. Your engine runs
efficiently at the temperature Audi designed, and all
a 20(?) degree lower temp thermostat will do is make
YOU colder in the winter time and your engine less
efficient. After all, we're not talking about mid-60's
muscle cars here; these things run fine on 180F


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