[Biturbos4] Some words on K03 destruction (Was: 2000 S4 Running Hot)

costco keman at interwolf.net
Tue Aug 30 12:24:27 EDT 2005

> Thanks! I'm even more nervous now becasue that oil light came on when I
> was stuck in traffic and the car started to heat up. It honked at me 4
> or 5 times...but then when the car got cooler, it stopped. It hasn't
> beeped or lit up since then.

Which oil light came on? There are two .. low oil level, and low oil
pressure. Pushing the diag button on the left of the instrument cluster
will cycle through all the pictograms and maybe you can remember which one
it was?

I had the low oil level light go on randomly about 5 times in 96k miles
that I owned my S4. Each time I'd pull over immediately and check the oil
level. It was fine every time. This is a rare problem, it's most often the
oil level sensor itself bugging out. For me it happened so rarely I never
bothered to try and fix it. It DID produce some stress the first time I
saw it. But after that, all was fine.

Generally you can tell when there is low/no oil pressure: the
hydraulically actuated chain tensioners in each cylinder head will start
making an extremely loud rattling sound, much like what you hear when you
first start just about any audi engine if it's sat for more than a couple
of weeks. The sound could best be described as someone pouring a handful
of bb's into an empty coffee can.

- Keman

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