[Biturbos4] New Turbo Date

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Tue Aug 30 14:40:33 EDT 2005

I don't know the EXACT date but the badging is not an indicator. If the build date on your S4 is late 2001 or 2002 - u should be safe. Early 2001 build date, or earlier, u are probably running on the poorly designed turbos. The upgraded turbos usually have an S at the end of the part nbr description, at least mine did, AOA (dealer) provided me with the parts list after the upgraded turbos were installed in my car. When they (the upgraded K03s) bite the dust (sooner than later - because I am chipped and modded), I will install K04s and have a much better/faster S4. In my opinion, worth the cost.

Paul Magid <pmagid at magid.org> wrote:
Does anyone have the exact date in 2001 that the new/improved turbos were
added to our car? Was it concurrent with the S4 badge change?


Paul Magid
pmagid at magid.org

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