[Biturbos4] Turbos Reliability & Replacement Cost (was: 2000 S4

j y jimnetpa at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 30 19:02:26 EDT 2005

Isn't it a little late for you over there in the UK? I expect you to be in bed at this hour. Late night guy - huh? I believe that you are 5 hrs ahead of the East Coast of N.America (where I am located).

Andy Turner <andy at palomar.demon.co.uk> wrote:
On Tue, 30 Aug 2005 15:27:05 -0700 (PDT), ti at amb.org (Ti Kan) wrote:

>j y writes:
>> With the E46-M3 @ 330+ HP, Infiniti G35s @ around 300 HP, Pontiac GTO
>> @ 350+ HP, B6-S4 @ 340 HP, etc. A 250 HP performance sedan is kinda
>> of a joke. Your basis Acura/Honda sedan produces those nbrs.
>Yeah, but horsepower numbers only tell one facet of the story.
>Our B5 biturbo S4 have a super flat torque curve and reaches
>its torque peak at 1850rpm. The "area under the curve" is prodigeous
>and is what gives the car such a nice kick. 

Yup, I've always thought that average power and torque over the rev
range was a far better indicator of a car's performance than its peak
output. It's a shame we can't get those figures.


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