[Biturbos4] Turbo reliability

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Tue Aug 30 21:21:22 EDT 2005

I actually dig the K04's at this point. I've seen the internal construction 
with regards to how they handle heat at the turbine shaft and they get my 
vote now. I was operating under insufficient information at the time I made 
that original post a long time ago. It is a lot more than just the housing 
that is different.

- Keman

:I just read that and wonders the same thing.  As far as successful K03 
alternatives for our S4, there are:
: - straight K04
: - K03/K04 hybrid
: - K03/K16 hybrid
: - K04/K16 hybrid
: Personally I don't quite trust how the hybrids are made, and there have 
been a few failures on AW.  I don't the whole story, but I would trust the 
factory pumping out K04s versus some small company rebuilding busted K03 
: Quincy 

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