[Biturbos4] Turbos Reliability & Replacement Cost (was: 2000 S4 Running Hot)

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Tue Aug 30 22:52:31 EDT 2005

The turbos in my S4 Avant blew at 48k miles, on my friends All Road at 45k miles.  I think getting 120-150k miles out of a set of K03's just isn't going to happen.  On an Ur-S4 or my 951 maybe.

I had to replace the clutch in my A4 1.8T at 75k miles, but that was due to the fact I was running over 100 hp and 150ft lbs of torque more than the factory specs.  

My stock clutch still holds my current 340hp/400ft lbs of torque fine, but I'd imagine if I put in K04's I'd need to upgrade the clutch as well.

>From the dyno graphs I've seen and talks I've had with my friend, the K04's spool no slower than the K03's and make more hp and torque all the way across the board over K03's...

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> Wow did we kick up a storm. I get back from Boston to 60 messages :-) 
> Quincy, 
> 1.) I'd assume that on average well maintained turbos go 120-150k 
> miles, not 55. That's a fluke. 
> 2.) I have never replaced an audi clutch. My last two cars went > 200k 
> before I sold them. 
> 3.) ergo, you are being way too conservative/paranoid. 
> As to your deeper question re 03 vs 04 turbos: spool up time is the 
> only answer. but its obviously a trade off you make. 

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